My experience at the Founder Institute (a global accelerator)

It’s been just over three months at the Founder Institute (FI) for me and I already feel like an accomplished entrepreneur. It’s true that in reality, it would take me a lot more effort to get there, but the fact that you get to live the experiences of people who have been there and done that, the difficulties they faced, the joy and their accomplishments that it makes it a real life-changing experience.

Some of the important outcomes of any learning programme should be to make the learner come out of it with confidence and a sense of purpose and some great learning and I have got all of that at the Founders Institute. So here are five things that I loved about this programme:

Interaction with Mentors: The mentors at FI come with lots of experience; in their respective domains and more importantly as entrepreneurs. Their willingness to spend time and offer guidance and support is one of the differentiators of the FI programme.

The gruelling curriculum: Imagine having to do what takes 2-3 years in 4 months. Yes, the founders are expected to start with an idea and graduate with a viable business model. This is possible only because of the rigour of the course, the topics covered and the assignments.

The assignments:  The assignments would make us go crazy, but when you complete them you realize the value of what you get. Sometimes the best things happen to you when you get pushed and then you realize the value of the push. For me the best part of the assignments were that they made me think and bring out the best in me week after week.

The founders: They say the best institutes are defined by the people who studied there and for me, the group of passionate people I have shared the classroom with for the last 4 months have made this experience memorable. They say, entrepreneurship is a lonely place and it’s true, but in FI, you find support in other founders who are just like you: struggling to convince the world of their ideas but passionate nevertheless to make it big. I have truly enjoyed collaborating with my co-founders at FI and we will continue to help each other in our entrepreneurial journey.

The ecosystem: A good programme is characterized by the quality of the content and the ecosystem. The FI ecosystem is not only great, but very different from all the others. The defining feature here is the openness to share everything happening all over the world so that founders can get best value.  With access to world class content, practical templates and the opportunity to network with brilliant minds, the FI ecosystem is a trendsetter in all respects.

I look forward to graduating soon and to put all the learning to good use and build a great company. It’s been one of the best decisions I have made and I recommend budding entrepreneurs to learn more about the FI and other programmes to make the most of your to build solid companies.


About me: I am the Co-founder of InteliTix Solutions, a new age HR technology services company. At InteliTix we offer gamified assessments, predictive Interviewing platforms, digital Onboarding solutions and Talent analytics services. We are also working on using Blockchain in employee background verification. Follow me on twitter@salivatisatish

My experience at the Founder Institute (a global accelerator)